About Us

Book by Mood was conceived, designed, and built-in two very distant places in the world, more precisely with 6,604 miles between them. This is the distance between São Paulo, in Brazil, and Oslo, in Norway, where we currently live.

After a stressful week, full of anxiety and conflicting feelings in the middle of the pandemic, it all started when one thought about reading a specific book. Right on the first page, the question arose: “Is this the best book to read in my current state of mind?”. After conversations with many people, trying to understand how people usually choose their next reading, Book by Mood was born.

This is a social platform, for the time being available in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Brazil, which uses other people's referrals and assessments to provide a list of incredible and appropriate books for each mood. Book by Mood evolves a lot every day, bringing more and more content and options to help you choose your next book. We have plans to use artificial intelligence and add more options for interaction between users to build an even more personalized list of choices.

How does Book by Mood stay alive?

For each book you buy using the platform, we receive a small commission, and the final price for you does not change. Every time you share Book by Mood with your friends, it also helps us increase reach. So if you already bought a book or shared our content, here is our eternal gratitude!